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Here are some of the many actors, dancers, musicians and, even the head of a human rights organization whom I've had the pleasure of working with.

For information about booking your shoot, whether a simple headshot or something more, please email me at:

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Let's get the ball rolling...
Jim. Actor. Photographer. Cortlandt Alley.Colleen. Nurse. Cortlandt Alley.Dan. Actor. Photographer. Cortlandt Alley.Jacob. Actor. Photographer. Cortlandt Alley.Giancarlo and Dana. Getting Married. 191st Street..Tracey. Singer-Songwriter. Central Park.Karrington. Singer. Dancer. Cortlandt Alley.Alexis. Actress. Cortlandt Alley.Jequan. Actor. Cortlandt Alley.Rachael. Actress. 13th Street.Misa. Actress. Cortlandt Alley.Lauren. Actress. Filmmaker. Cortlandt Alley.Akiena. Actress. Cortlandt Alley.Romy, Actress. Writer. 155th and B'way.Romy. Actress. Writer. 155th near Riverside Drive.James Goldston. Open Society Justice Initiative. Brooklyn.Misha. Dancer. Model.Misha. Dancer. Model.Eve. Fitness Instructor.. Hastings on Hudson.Emily Duff. Singer-Songwriter. Cortlandt Alley.